Clarion - Windows 7 - Alt-Key fix

by marc walgren3. December 2013 05:19

Marius van den Berg built a template to solve the Alt-key lockup problem in Clarion apps on Windows 7. Here is the notes from the legacy template.

Fixes the bug where the alt button hangs an application

If a window is open in an application in windows 7, the app will freeze up if the user presses alt to access the file menu 

The problem occurs if the ALt/F10 was only pressed without any hot keys. So basically all the template does is, if only ALT was pressed when any windows in the app are open I capture the KeyCode - event and do nothing

If no windows are open however, the app will call the menupress manually. 


Note: Notes indicate this problem is solved in Clarion 7.1 but recheck at that point


I adapted the code into a legacy extension template and have attached it to this post.











 (910.00 bytes)


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