Missing Clarion Templates

by Jim Morgan26. December 2012 05:04

No Template, no problem.....Well a little problem.

 Template Error

If you open an app file and don't have a template used in creating the app, Clarion will remove the template from the application. This can be disastrous. It's much better to leave the hooks to the template inside the app, determine how the template was used and either get the correct template or implement a work around. 

To get around the problem, create a stub template for that family so you can open the app. You will still lose the template's unique generated code, but at least the rest of the code is visable.

1) Open the app.
2) Save a screen shot of every unique template error. Put a screen shot in the clipboard with Alt-Ctrl-PrintScrren and paste it into a temporary document.
3) Do NOT save the app when done!
4) Create and register a tpl file like the one below. The key bits of information are the template family and template name which come from the error screen. The Family comes from your app..

#!== Stub Template to preserve code hooks ===============

5) Register the template.
6) Reopen the app
7) Repeat until all errors are gone. There may be dependent templates that are not visible until subsequent passes.


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